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We are a varied group of people from big companies, small companies and some of us are solopreneurs. We are all looking to get better at attracting the right leads and moving them toward becoming enthusiastic customers!

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The Kansas City HUG meets quarterly, typically over an extended lunch hour with lunch provided. Our topics vary from broader digital marketing topics, to specific HubSpot platform sessions. Our HUG is designed to bring value to anyone who enjoys or works in marketing and being a HubSpot user is not a requirement. 
I started the KC HubSpot User Group in 2012. In those days, HubSpot and Inbound/Digital/Content marketing were still in the early stages and Kansas City marketers needed somewhere to meet others staying ahead of the game. Today, we've grown in numbers, but our purpose is no different. We still strive to create an environment where each member can learn and grow more confident in their marketing abilities. I hope you'll join us for our next meeting!

Preston Bowman Kansas City HubSpot User Group Leader

Preston Bowman

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